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WorldlyFellow.com is about a Chicago kid who left his comfort zone for a once in a lifetime adventure that is leading him to parts unknown, yet never forgetting his roots in the Windy City. An Emmy award winning producer, and professional photographer, "Worldly Fellow" combines words, pictures, and interviews while telling a story.

With 25 years in Chicago broadcasting and currently an Executive Producer for Weigel Broadcasting Company, Fred has seen technology transform how we deliver messages to the viewer, listener, and reader. Living part of the year in Europe, landing in more than 20 countries, Fred writes about daily life, news events, and photographs subjects that peak his interest and hope they will yours.

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margaretthatcherfuneralFred chatted with Bill Leff about Margaret Thatcher’s death – her life, and her legacy.

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Fred speaks with Bill Leff live on WGN Radio about what it will take to make these Olympics a success. Plus…the Olympic plan for the Queen. Take a listen.
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A letter to London Mayor Boris Johnson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual:  When it comes to first class events where  people flock to your cities and where television audiences are huge you have both done what it takes pull off a first class event.

But, which city did better and why?

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Hamleys on Regent Street, London

What exactly does the life of Queen Elizabeth II mean to all of us? Well, if you are Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, each has an opportunity to take a lesson from the Queen’s playbook and figure out how best to get the message across to the American people.

Both would probably be shocked to learn that in her 6o years as monarch she has never granted a television interview. Imagine all the money …the millions of dollars the Romney and Obama camps could use for something important if they didn’t buy media time during this election cycle.

Ask yourself what has been the Queen’s success?

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Fred spoke with Steven Shalowitz about the royal family and Diamond Jubilee on The One Way Ticket Show. Click below to listen to the complete audio:

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  If you think that Dorothy’s house fell from the sky and landed in a place called Oz you have either been spending too much time in London’s West End or “y’all” have never been to a place called Houston, Texas.

 WorldlyFellow.com prides himself on reporting from different corners of the world, from the Sabi Sabi Nature Reserve in South Africa to an intimate conversation with the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, in Cambridge, UK.          But, now this Worldly Fellow is making his way through the heart of Texas.    And so my friends….when you think of the expression “planes, trains and automobiles” you better add a pick-up truck…at least in the short term.       Now, I have had hundreds of people ask me if Texas is really that bad.   The answer is no.    More on that during the coming days.   From theater to the rodeo to politics you are going to read it all.   There will be no holding   back….y’all.    This could not be a more exciting time to be based in Texas with the Presidential Election heating up, you never know what to expect.

 But, if you think WorldlyFellow.com is going to sit still in just one place…think again.   Time is ticking away as Queen Elizabeth II gets ready to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.  As expected Chicago, and now Houston’s, Royal Watcher will be all over it ….live from Houston, Chicago and London.

So grab a cup of tea or should I say a cold one….this is going to be one wild ride.     You can find me tomorrow morning live with Jeanne and Melissa on Chicago’s WCIU-TV’s  “You and Me This Morning” shortly after 7am.    We will be dishing all the dirt.   How was Kate’s first year?   When are we going to see some Royal offspring?    Does Kate have what it takes to become Queen….and what other big events are happening over the next few weeks.   I’ll see “y’all” on the TV.    Tomorrow, Worldly Fellow “The Blog: asks will the monarch really last?   Y’all stay tuned now…you hear!

Photo Credit:  Fred WeintraubThe three most significant players in the Royal family are in place at the Queen’s home church in Edinburgh where her granddaughter, Zara Phillips, has just married England Rugby Captain Mike Tindall.

You would think it would be the bride and groom.  But, that is not the case.   The two members of the Royal Family who will one day each become King are Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his son Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.  Now it is off to the the Queen’s Palace for the after wedding celebration.

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